Jan 1 to March 31 2014 - A First Quarter Report

On 1 January 2014, I began a ‘self-experiment’ the outcome of which, I hoped, would lead to a ‘formula’ for the perfect weight loss regime for my body. Having read about Quantified Self, I decided to log a number of data points with a view to harnessing a) the insight objective data can provide and b) the focus that can be gained through ritual, habit and observation. I established a goal of reaching a body weight on 104.5 Kg by 31 December 2014 which would require the loss of 34.5 Kg. At the end of the first three calendar months of 2014, the following results and observations were made.

  • Weight Loss - 24.6 Kg (54.2 Lbs, 3 St 12 Lbs)
  • BMI changed from 42.5 to 35.3, a 17% reduction
  • Total Kcal consumed - 154,495
  • Total Kcal exercise - 51,598 (34% of Kcal consumed)
  • % of my body composed of fat changed from 41.9% to 32.6%, a 22% reduction
  • Skeletal muscle changed from to 25.7% 30.8%, a 20% increase
  • Visceral fat reduced from 25 to 18
  • Total fat consumed - 3,339.3g

These numbers look pretty good, even though I say so myself, but the anecdotal results are even better.

  • I now fit comfortably into my jeans.
  • I can, and do, walk 7.5 miles without stopping.
  • I exercise daily, expending at least 300 Kcal and enjoy doing it.
  • My BP has dropped from an average of 140/90 to 130/76
  • The ‘observation effect’ works extremely well for me

Lacking the data analysis skills to interrogate the data for the ‘magic formula’ I attended a meeting of the London QS Group and met some very nice people, one of whom (@leoncgunning) has agreed to analyse my data for me. I hope that the results of his analysis will lead to an experiment in predicting weight loss which can then be presented by the two of us to the London QS Group.

For the quarter ahead, I have several goals and experiments in mind.

  • Begin training to achieve 100 continuous push-ups using an app
  • Refine the way I self-track in order to improve results
  • Achieve 20% body mass loss (3.3 Kg weight loss required)
  • Achieve the 2014 goal of 104.5 Kg
  • Determine a goal for the balance of 2014 beyond 104.5 Kg

The sentimental bit.

Thank you to my family and friends who have encouraged me and supported me in this effort. Even those of you who think I’m weird for writing it all down! Especially thanks to those of you who have had to listen to me whine when I slip off the wagon - I’m getting better at handling that now, I promise!

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